Who We Are

Where It All Began

Kamba is the result of an idea put together by friends and coffee lovers that have generations of experience from production to roasting.

After deciding to get involved in specialty coffee sourcing, as each of them were already busy either producing, importing or roasting, they decided to put together a team who would implement their ideas and bring their own experiences and motivations to the project:


General Manager

Bruna comes from the third generation of a Brazilian coffee producing family.

She has worked in coffee trading, roasting and quality and sustainability research in Brazil and Europe. Now she is joining Kamba with the goal of promoting authentic and high-quality coffees produced by people she has met on her journey.


Commercial Manager

Emma grew up in New Zealand where access to a great Flat White was never an issue.

She previously had been working for an established Coffee trader in London which focused on Ethiopian coffees. She joins Kamba to promote great coffees and the stories of people behind it.


Customer Relations UK

Jack fell in love with the taste of coffee on a trip to Colombia in 2015 and has been working in the industry ever since.

He developed his passion at a specialty café in SW London before working in sales and marketing for different brands across the coffee scene in London. He joins Kamba to support with sales and build meaningful relationships with coffee roasters across the UK.


Customer Relations Europe

Kamil started to work in the coffee industry as a barista during his university degree.

He previously worked in roasting, quality control and account management. He joins Kamba to support the team in sales and promote high quality coffees in Europe.